Vancouver Imam calls Zionists “impure/filthy”

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Tarek Ramadan. Photo: MemriTV video – screenshot

Tarek Ramadan is a prominent Imam who was affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) in Vancouver, BC and was a speaker at fundraising events organized by Islamic Relief Canada.

On February 21, 2011Tarek Ramadan posted on his Facebook page (originally in Arabic):

“Allah is the greatest… How is it possible to be silent over these heinous crimes against the Muslim people of Libya… [Muammar] Gaddafi [former leader of Libya] bombs the defenseless demonstrators with airplanes and the world is watching… May Allah curse you, O Gaddafi, the dog, the collaborator of the impure [filthy] Zionists [الصهاينة الأنجاس]… I ask Allah to remove your existence and to take revenge against the most precious things for you [children]. [You are] dog, O son of a dog.”

Tarek Ramadan commented on his own post:

“O Gaddafi, May Allah take revenge against you… May our Lord hasten your destruction, you and those who help you [to commit] this massacre against the Libyan people… Glory be to Allah. The Egyptian and Tunisian armed forces must intervene to rescue their brothers who are being slaughtered by this Zionist criminal [المجرم الصهيونى].”

In a Friday sermon, delivered on the same day (July 28, 2017) at the MAC Centre in Vancouver, Tarek Ramadan stated the following:

“The Al-Aqsa Mosque, as I’ve said, is a trust placed in the hands of every Muslim. It is now invaded by an impure gang of Israelites (عصابة دنسة من بني اسرائيل). It is now under a gang of the worst kind of Mankind – if you can even call them Mankind, those Zionists, who have no mercy, no respect, no holiness, no respect for anybody, for any humanity… So it is our duty, an individual duty that we all share their Jihad and their struggle against the Zionists, by all means necessary – by all legal means and any Islamic means… the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, the city, and all of Palestine should only be in the custody of the Muslims. It should not be in the custody of the Christians, the Jews, or anybody else. I don’t care what anybody else says. It should only be in the custody of Muslims.”