Suzanne Weiss: “Respect the Palestinian Youth Movement” (that supports the Intifada)

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Suzanne Weiss, member of Independent Jewish Voices Canada. Photo JCPA.ORG

Suzanne Weiss is a pro-Palestinian Jewish activist and a member of Independent Jewish Voices Canada.

On August 7, 2021, Suzanne Weiss posted on Facebook:

“Make Noise for Jerusalem”, Toronto. John [Riddell] and I joined a wonderful demonstration of 200 people led by Palestinians on Saturday, even as it drizzled and threatened to rain. Respect Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM)– حركة الشباب الفلسطيني. Free Palestine ❤. Photo by Paul Salvatori.

The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) that organized the demonstration posted on Facebook on August 4, 2021:

TORONTO: Join us this Saturday August 7th at 2PM in Yonge & Dundas Square to make some noise for Jerusalem and take a stand against Zionist settler-colonialism. As Israel‘s attempts to evict and displace the residents of Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan continue unabated, we call on all people of conscience to show out and stand with residents of occupied East Jerusalem resisting displacement. We demand an end to state and institutional complicity with Israeli apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. We demand the release of all Palestinian political prisoners. Come out this Saturday to take a stand against ongoing ethnic cleansing in Palestine!

In his speech at the rally, Issam Al Yamani, a long-time Palestinian activist and a founding member of the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) and the Toronto Palestine Film Festival, said:

“Brothers and sisters, with your energy, with your commitment, with your solidarity, we will go back and liberate Palestine and remove all numbers, remove the 1948 and 1967 [borders]… and 242 and 194 [UN resolutions] and all those numbers [meaning erasing Israel from the map].”

The crowd chanted:

  • Raise your voice, the voice of the revolution
  • From the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea Palestine will be free
  • Palestine is Arab, from the (river) water to the (sea) water
  • Viva viva Palestina
  • Viva, viva Intifada*
  • We’ll sacrifice our souls and blood for Al-Aqsa [Mosque]
  • There is only one solution, Intifada, revolution [Intifada – Palestinian uprising by various means, including the armed struggle against military and civilian targets]
  • Long live the Intifada
  • We are all your daughters O [Khalida] Jarrar [Senior member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Canada-designated terrorist entity]
  • F–k the borders. We don’t need them
  • What we want is total freedom

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