Palestinian Youth Movement: “Globalize the Intifada!”

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Protest in suport of the Palestinian Intifada in Toronto

On December 6, 2023, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) and the Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) issued the following statement on Instagram:

Toronto: On International Human Rights Day, join International League of Peoples’ Struggle in Canada, along with allied communities and organizations @palestinianyouthmovement @pymtoronto @bayancanada @lacsn_ca @torontotamilcoalition @cpso.toronto @jewsagainstwhitesupremacyto @ichrptoronto for a rally and march to affirm the right of the working class and oppressed peoples to resist imperialism by any means necessary.

In Palestine, the Zionist state has labeled the legitimate resistance of the Palestinian people against the genocide, occupation, and ethnic cleansing of their homeland as “terrorism.” In the Philippines, the US-backed Marcos regime has criminalized, killed, and disappeared activists who are fighting for national and social liberation. In the Tamil Homeland. the Sri Lankan state continues to subject activists to arrests, threats, and surveillance, as well as destroying the memorials dedicated to their revolutionary martyrs.

The ruling classes of imperialist nations such as the US, Canada, UK, and Germany are also removing their “democratic” facade to openly harass and criminalize activists organizing in solidarity with these movements, while selling weapons and channeling billions of dollars to reactionary regimes in the Global South to aid their counterinsurgency campaigns Faced with this global onslaught of state terrorism, we must be loud and clear: When people are occupied, resistance is justified! It is right to rebel against imperialism, capitalism, and settler colonialism! Globalize the Intifada!

The post included another joint statement endorsed by the following organizations:

  • ILPS Toronto
  • Bayan Toronto
  • Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization – CPSO
  • Jews Against White Supremacy
  • International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines – ICHRP Toronto
  • Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network (LACSN)
  • Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM)
  • Tamil Freedom Coalition

The statement:

International Human Rights Day:

  • Right to Resist
  • Globalize the Intifada

December 10 @1PM

US Consulate – 360 University Ave.

United Against Imperialism

Our collective struggle is important to us as committed revolutionaries living in the imperial core (North America) and as people committed to our own national liberation struggles, organizing from and across diaspora. there are many intersections between our struggles and shared strategic and principled interventions that we engage through organizing through our own movement and organizational structures.

United Against Imperialism

Shared struggle and intersections include: militarism, surveillance, land-based struggle, incarceration, the prisoner movement, proxy dictators, War on Terror, rhetoric and the role that Zionism plays in bolstering all of the above. For us in the imperial core, we know that our liberations are incomplete without the liberation of our comrades. We are united in joint struggle through daily practice and movement building around organizing in the diaspora.

United Against Imperialism

We are continuing the tradition of joint struggle to uphold international solidarity and resistance together. In the words of the Palestinian revolutionary martyr, Ghassan Kanafani, “Imperialism has laid its body over the world. Whatever you strike it, you damage it, and you serve the world revolution.”

On December 10th International Human Rights Day, our demands:

  • Immediate and permanent ceasefire
  • Lift the siege on Gaza
  • Free all political prisoners
  • End Canadian complicity in Israeli war crimes

On December 10th International Human Rights Day, our demands:

  • Abolish NTF-ELCAC [National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict]
  • Uphold the international humanitarian law
  • Junk terror law
  • End the Israeli genocide!

Free Palestine!

On December 10th International Human Rights Day, our demands:

  • End the military occupation of Tamil Eelam [a proposed independent state that many Tamils in Sri Lanka and the Eelam Tamil diaspora aspire to create in the north and east of Sri Lanka]
  • End the Sinhala [Indo-Aryan language primarily spoken by the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka] colonization of Tamil Eelam
  • Abolish the PTA [Prevention of Terrorism Act] & free all Tamil political prisoners
  • Recognize the fundamental principles of the Tamil people

On December 10th International Human Rights Day our demands:

  • Rights to speak-up
  • Stop criminalizing activism

On December 10th International Human Rights Day, our demands:

  • A true free Palestine, from the river to the sea
  • Affirm the indigenous people of Palestine’s right to sovereignty in their liberation
  • Dismantle the genocidal settler-colonial project of Zionism in all forms