Mohamed Alqasem: “I will sacrifice (redeem) my soul and my blood [for Palestine]”

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Mohamed (Moe) Al-Qasem

Mohamed Alqasem (aka Moe Alqasem) is a Biomedical science student at York University in Toronto, and an activist from Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA York), a member of the YUdivest coalition and a community organizer in the Palestinian and Arab community. He is also a member of the Palestinian Youth Movement and the Association of Progressive Palestinian Canadians, and OPIRG YorkU.

‏On October 27, 2018 Mohamed Alqasem tweeted (originally in Arabic):

Palestine, my love

If the heavens were applied to the earth, I would not repent of loving your land

I will sacrifice (redeem) my soul and my blood [for Palestine]

[Palestine flag, hearts emoji]

On October 8, 2018 Mohamed Alqasem tweeted:

I would rather DIE than raise the Canadian flag right next to the Palestinian flag. Burgeoise/Elite Arabs really have some weird sense of nationalism towards this settler state.

On November 9, 2019 Mohamed Alqasem posted on Facebook:

“First of all, you would have to actually put a bullet right through my Palestinian skull before you even TRY to bring an Israeli soldier to my campus…”

Note: As of April 18, 2020 Mohamed Alqasem’s social media posts are no longer available online.

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