Lucas Brandon likens “Isrealhell” to Nazi Germany

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Lucas Brandon Photo: Facebook Lucas Brandon

Lucas Brandon is an online pro-Palestinian activist based in Barrie, Ontario.

On February 17, 2020 Lucas Brandon posted on Facebook:

It bugs me that they branded Jewish people with Israel. Isrealhell was founded in 1948 after the [NA]tional [ZI]onists relocated from their central position in Germany. Judaism is an older religion than the apartheid corporation of Israel and it should be illegal to try to associate them as being one in the same.

AIPAC allowed the [NA]tional [ZI]onists a platform in the USA after World War 2 via Operation Paperclip. Operation Mockingbird allowed for propaganda in the USA. In 1948, Rothschild established Isrealhell Corporation Apartheid and began treating Palestinians in the same ways that the [NA]tional [ZI]onists treated people under Hitler.

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