Laith Marouf: “Their [Zionists] end is near”

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Laith Marouf. Photo: YouTube Ellen Craig – screenshot

Laith Marouf is a Syrian-born pro Palestinian activist based in Montreal. He is a “multimedia consultant and producer and currently serves as Senior Consultant at the Community Media Advocacy Centre ( and the coordinator of ICTV, a project to secure a multilingual community television license for Montreal (”

On June 30, 2020 Laith Marouf posted on Facebook:

2:17 AM Zionist over 72 years of their settler colonial project, slashed the stomachs of pregnant women, killed babies in their beds, killed children in the arms of their parents, and playing on the beach, and killed them countless times in countless unimaginable cruel ways. Their end is near.

11:15 AM Zionism is Jewish White Supremacy, is Colonialism, is Imperialism, is Apartheid, is Genocide, is Infanticide, is Femicide, is Piracy, is Theft, is Looting, is Banditry; and it will end soon at the hands of resistance. Down with Israel and the White Empire ruled from DC.

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