Kitchener Imam says “we pray” for Zionists to be “in the dustbin of history”

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Sheikh Shafiq Hudda. Photo: CD4HR YouTube – screenshot

Sheikh Shafiq Hudda is the director of the Islamic Humanitarian Service based in Kitchener, Ontario.

On March 26, 2019 Sheikh Shafiq Hudda was a keynote speaker at a protest in Ottawa organized by Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR).

Here is CD4HR’s statement about the protest:

“On March 26th, 2019, Canadian Defenders For Human Rights joined with peace-loving Canadians in protest on the fourth year anniversary of the illegal Saudi-led, Western-backed war on #Yemen.

“We marched to Parliament Hill and raised our voices loud and clear and demanded that Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government end the $15Billion arms deal with #SaudiArabia and stop being complicit in the genocide of the Yemeni people!

“#CD4HR #CanadianDefendersForHumanRights #Ottawa #ParliamentHill #EndTheArmsDeal #YemenCrisis #YemenCantWait #SaveYemen”

Here is an excerpt from Sheikh Shafiq Hudda’s speech:

“One day we pray that we will not need to have rallies in demonstration of Yemen. Yemen will be free and Allah Willing the House of Saud [the ruling family in Saudi Arabia] will be in the dustbin of history as we pray for the Zionists and other partners.”

In his speech at Al-Quds Day rally in Toronto (June 9, 2018) Sheikh Shafiq Hudda said:

“I am praying for a day to come in our lifetime, where we won’t need the Al-Quds rally because Palestine will be free. Oppression will be eradicated, injustice will end, that’s the day we pray for. So we don’t have to meet every Saturday in the holy month of Ramadan. This is our prayer to the almighty creator, whether you call him God or Allah. You call him Jehovah or whatever name you want to call him. We pray to the creator and to the almighty, a day will come when we see justice throughout the world. The eradication of the unjust powers such as the American empire, such as the Israeli Zionists. And the same way that we saw the British Empire wither away, the sun never set on it… the sun sets on it. We will see a day coming inshallah, God willing in our lifetime, where this empire, the Zionist empire, the American empire will be down in the dustbins of history inshallah God willing.”