Fareed khan: “It seems Israel has taken a page from Nazi Germany”

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Fareed Khan. Photo: Global News – screenshot

Fareed Khan is a Director, Advocacy and Media Relations, Founder and Media Spokesperson at Rohingya Human Rights Network Canada and Canadians United Against Hate. He is based in the Ottawa-Gatineau region.

Here are some of Fareed khan’s posts on the Facebook group called OG’LAMP Ottawa-Gatineau’s Lebanese, Arabs, Muslims & Palestinians Etc.:

September 28, 2018 – “Israeli military racist criminals assault elderly Palestinian man. This sort of thing happens everyday in occupied Palestine with a military force that behave no better than Nazis did towards Jews. Warning: Very disturbing imagery. https://www.facebook.com/reel/644551297264651

October 13, 2018 – “JEWS ARE THE SMARTEST RACE IN THE WORLD AND SUPERIOR HUMANS” — Israeli Politician. Well, it seems Israel has taken a page from Nazi Germany and we now have an Israeli politician proclaiming Jews are the master race — the the final step to being a fascist state. This was a statement by one politician but there are many Israeli Jews, including political and religious leaders who have implied this in the past. The Germans did this over 80 years ago and we saw what happened. Will Canada or other western democracies do anything in response to this or will they just enable Israel further and ignore its ongoing record of atrocities against the Palestinians, its violations of more than 30 UN Security Council resolutions, its history of belligerance, its political leaders who have advocated genocide against Palestinians, and its destabilization of the Middle East by refusing to negotiate a just peace with Palestinians as equal partners? https://www.newsweek.com/jews-are-smartest-race-world-and-superior-humans-israeli-lawmaker-claims-977896

Note: Attacking the media for an ongoing intentionally biased campaign to smear prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Member of the Knesset, Miki Zohar, said in an interview (originally in Hebrew): “The public in the State of Israel is a public that belongs to the Jewish race, and the entire Jewish race is one of the highest, smartest, and most understanding human capital, so it is impossible to mislead us, the Jews. impossible. No matter what you write in the media, and no matter what you report all day. The public knows what the Prime Minister [Benyamin Netanyahu] is doing for the State of Israel, how excellent a Prime Minister he is, and how prosperous and flourishing this country is despite all the attempts of defamation.” The text in Hebrew: הציבור במדינת ישראל הוא ציבור ששייך לגזע היהודי והגזע היהודי כולו זה אחד מההון האנושי הגבוה ביותר והחכם ביותר והמבין ביותר, ולכן אי אפשר לעבוד עלינו היהודים. אי אפשר. לא משנה מה תכתבו בתקשורת ולא משנה מה תדווחו כל היום. הציבור יודע מה ראש הממשלה [בנימין נתניהו] עושה למען מדינת ישראל, כמה הוא ראש ממשלה מצוין, וכמה המדינה הזו משגשגת ופורחת למרות כל הניסיונות של ההכפשות

February 4, 2019 – “Young Jews [Jewish Voice For Peace] showing courage and independence by not supporting the Israeli government agenda of slow genocide of the Palestinians.”

January 1, 2021 – “Imagine if TV existed in Nazi Germany, and there was a TV show based on the activities of a Nazi Gestapo unit which showed them violating the norms of humanity while they brutally persecuted, tortured and killed Jews, Roma and other minority communities (all of which happened in real life). And imagine Nazi apologists attacking those who pointed out how what was happening in the TV series violated human rights laws and could be seen happening in real life.

The point is that the Israeli series may be a work of fiction, but it shows Israeli Jews glorifying their own inhumanity, their brutality, their willingness to break laws, violate human rights, and oppress and persecute Palestinians. And given the overwhelming negative reaction by Israeli Apartheid apologists to the critical Tweets of the series by the International Committee of the Red Cross, it clearly hit a nerve. Why would they react so strongly if there weren’t elements of truth to what the ICRC said.

Thank you to the Red Cross for pointing out how this series is art reflecting the real life miseries of Palestinians under the oppressive and brutal jackboot of Israeli occupation. https://mondoweiss.net/2020/12/icrc-takedown-of-fauda-hits-a-nerve