Anti-Semitic graffiti reported in the Niagara region

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Antisemitism in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Photo: Facebook Fighting Hate in Canada

On June 12, 2019 the Facebook page “Fighting Hate in Canadareported: “Anti Semitic graffiti found in the Niagara region. Investigation is ongoing.” The graffiti reads: “F*** Jews.”

Later an update was posted:

An update on AntiSemitic graffiti in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Following is a video and a statement of the person who encountered this. Law enforcement will be advised about this incident. Statement: “I decided to take my dog to the lakefront trail at Shoreview Place after work to watch the sunset last night (Tuesday June 11). As we went in search of a spot to sit on the rocks on the lake I noticed a very large and clear religious hate message continued by some sort of illegible writing on one of them. It’s sad and concerning, to say the least.” Nicole