Anti Israel “Cross-Canada Day of Action”

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BDS supporters in Toronto. Photo: Canada Israel Friendship Association

The Canadian BDS Coalition [Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions] is organizing a “Cross-Canada Day of Action” against Israel.

The event is scheduled to take place at Toronto’s Dundas Square on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 12 PM – 4 PM.

Here is Toronto BDS’ statement:

“Join us in Toronto to show solidarity for the Palestinian people. In remembrance of the Nakba [“disaster” or “catastrophe”- The 1948 war that lead to the establishment of Israel], let us gather in a show of strength and solidarity. Across the Canadian state there is a new majority… against Israeli war crimes; against the occupation; for the right of return for Palestinian refugees; for boycott, divestment and sanctions; to end Canadian complicity with Israeli apartheid; for self-determination for the Palestinian people. The Canadian BDS Coalition, with the clear aim of celebrating this new majority by making it visible on the streets of this country, appeals to everyone seeing this message, to every working class and progressive organization, to demonstrate on Saturday, May 18 in solidarity with the above demands.”

On March 19, 2019 Stephen Ellis from Toronto BDS shared a link to Palestine Solidarity Campaign website that sells “Boycott Israeli Apartheid Stickers.” In response to a comment that reads “I want some,” Stephen Ellis wrote: “order them – they’re cheap – and start plastering…”