Activists affiliated with PFLP participated in anti-Israel protest in Vancouver

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Anti Israel protest in Vancouver Photo: Facebook Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

On Friday June 26, 2020 an anti Israel protest titled “No Israeli Annexation, Free Palestine” was held in Vancouver (Broadway and Clark). The protest was organized by Canada Palestine Association and BDS Vancouver – Coast Salish Territories.

Here is the statement issued by the organizers:

Join us for a flash picket (with appropriate physical distancing) in Vancouver to show our clear opposition to Israel’s new annexation plans. Bring your keffiyeh to use as a mask and come out to be part of the cross-Canada and global actions to say NO Israeli annexation, apartheid and occupation! Free Palestine! Since the signing of the defunct Oslo Accords, Israel has at least tripled the number of illegal settlers, pushing Palestinians off their lands, crippling Palestinian agriculture and development, and then killing or injuring Palestinians who dare to protest. Palestinians demand justice now, and have issued a call for international sanctions against Israel. Canadian PM Trudeau recently claimed to “deplore” Israel’s annexation plans and said they “are going to delay any prospect of lasting peace in the Middle East”. If the Canadian government is genuine in this belated expression of opposition to Israel’s illegal policies, then the absolute minimum expected is to impose sanctions on the Israeli government until it respects international law. Actions speak louder than words! As Palestinian dispossession (Nakba) continues, our struggle will continue!

Hanna Kawas, Chairperson of the Canada Palestine Association, Charlotte Kates, international coordinator of Samidoun – Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network (affiliated with PFLP), Dr. Gabor Maté, Hungarian-born Canadian physician and Aiyanas Ormond (Aiyanas Feardorcha Ormond), a member of BDS Vancouver-Coast Salish Territories, participated in the protest. An woman wearing a T-shirt with the logo of the Palestinian Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Canada-designated terrorist organization, was also in attendance holding SJP banner. See photos of the protest here, here, and here.

The protesters held Palestinian flags and signs that read:

  • I love Palestine
  • Stop the annexation
  • Right of Return
  • Palestine is not for sale. No Deal!
  • Support BDS
  • Free Palestine
  • No to annexation. No to Zionism. Samidoun
  • Palestine will be FREE! SJP – Students for Justice in Palestine Boycott Israeli Apartheid
  • Stop Israeli Apartheid – End the Occupation
  • Say N o: Israeli Apartheid
  • BDS
  • Palestine NOT 4 Sale
  • No annexation – Free Palestine
  • Canada is Guilty in Palestinian Genocide + Nakba
  • Stop the annexation
  • No Israeli annexation
  • Jews against annexation
  • No Israeli annexation. Right of Return. Free Palestine