Travis Patron: The “parasitic tribe” has to be removed from Canada

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Travis Patron, the leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party. Photo: CNP video – screenshot

Travis Patron is the leader of the Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP) that strives “to nationalize the country of Canada.”

On June 18th, 2019 the Canadian Nationalist Party shared Travis Patron’s video message on the “parasitic tribe” that according to him has be removed from Canada. Here is Travis Patron’s video message:

The question remains as it always shall. Is he a member of that parasitic tribe? Is he the black sheep? A member of the so called inside manipulators. Everywhere these people go they infiltrate the media, they hijacked the central bank and they infect the body politic like a parasite. These people, they walk among us and you could walk right past them on the sidewalk and you wouldn’t think twice about it. While we focus our attention on our brothers and our sisters who are with us not against us these black sheep hide and they perpetrate and they pull the strings and they laugh about, it and they watch us, and we fight each other. And they profit from our wars. And they seek to control. And they demoralize us in every aspect in what we try to do. It’s their world and we’re just a number to them. If they had their way, our entire way of life would be eradicated. They don’t like us. In fact they despise us, because of what we are and the spirit we represent. They cannot coexist with it. And what we need to do, perhaps more than anything, is to remove these people once and for all from our country.

On June 28, 2019 CBC reported:

[…] Saskatchewan RCMP confirmed they opened an investigation Wednesday into the video featuring Patron posted on the CNP website.

[Bernie M.] Farber called the video hateful and “clearly” anti-Semitic although he acknowledged Patron makes no explicit reference to Jews…

Patron told CBC News his statements are directed at “globalists.” “They go by many different names,” he said. “We refer to them simply as the globalists because they conduct their business everywhere while simultaneously calling no place in particular home. We would remove [them] from our country. We have no use for them.”

The RCMP say they are consulting hate crime specialists to determine whether Patron’s comments in the video contravene criminal laws against advocating genocide or hatred against an identifiable group…