Toronto Al-Quds Day: “We can put an end to the Israeli regime”

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Gul-E-Zahra Photo: YouTube AlQuds Toronto

The Toronto al-Quds Day virtual rally was held on May 17, 2020. The list of speakers at the event included:

Farman Ali – virtual rally host, UFCW Canada Local 175 Organizer.

Ken Stone – Executive Member, Syria Solidarity Movement; Treasurer, Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War; founding member of Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV Canada).


Tim Anderson – Australian academic and activist; former senior lecturer at the University of Sydney.

Rabbi Dovid Feldman – spokesman for Neturei Karta International and organizer of anti-Zionist events.

Devanshu Narang – A ‘truth’ activist, writer, poet, real estate broker.
Dimitri Lascaris – lawyer, journalist and activist; legal counsel for the al-Quds Organizing Committee.

Suzanne Weiss – pro Palestinian Jewish activist and a member of Independent Jewish Voices Canada.


Sheikh Shafiq Hudda – director of the Islamic Humanitarian Service (IHS) in Kitchener, Ontario:

Bahman Azad – Iranian-American activist.

Sid Ryan – Canadian labour union leader and politician. Ryan is the former president of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

Paul Larudee – Iranian-born American political activist who is a major figure in the pro-Palestinian movement.

Here is the poem read by Gul-E-Zahra:

The spoken word. This piece is called “Can you Feel?” by Amna.

Can you feel?

The darkness of the night covered a Palestinian town

From the sky came a thundering sound

Yellow and red streaks colored the sky

Frightening sounds heard from up high

Mothers console as their young ones crying

The older children whimper as their father is dying

No one speaks but their minds all ask

Is it today will bring our last

The sun peeks in and all rise to check

Opening the front door, the site, the wreck.

Destroyed buildings and glass cuts skin

Causing blood to gosh from within

Several other areas and homes are destroyed

The refugee camps have more people joined

Now across the globe spreads a disease

Taking away lives with the cough and a sneeze

Washing hands, sanitized and staying clean is the new motto

As the world quarantines.

It was in China where the virus was initiated

Within days the disease escalated spreading from one country to the next

China Russia and Spain all felt its affects

The disease has disrupted people’s being

Restricting freedom of movement and the right to meeting

Going out unnecessarily is a crying children stay indoors to kill the time

People everywhere live in fear of their lives and the lives of those dear

Many are suffering while still alive while others wonder if they even survive.

They say you never know what you bear until it is no longer there

They say the you will never truly understand hardship until you have felt your heart sink

Can COVID-19 pandemic finally make us feel the pain and the suffering of the Palestinians all that much more real?

Many households eat less with the closing down of business

Can we empathize with those Palestinians that are homeless?

We live in fear of the virus entering our homes

Remember the times the military broke down Palestinian groups with their drones

We are living under uncertain times

Can this remind us of the heart breaking Israeli war crimes?

Coronavirus can take mere hours to spread from the east coast to the west

So don’t undermine the power of helping a country from afar

People can take effective measures to help the oppressed from wherever they are

Research, data, experimentation and all the world can do

They do it to find a vaccine

Economic sanctions, boycott and raising our voices we too can put an end to the Israeli regime

They say: You never really know what you bear until it is no longer there

And that you haven’t understood hardship until you felt your heart sink

And it’s when we feel pain our hearts begin to change

And so just as we are so thankful to those on the front line during this distress

We should be in the front line for the Palestinians and stand for everyone who is oppressed