Online attack on Toronto synagogue Zoom prayer: “Hitler was right”

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Shaarei Shomayim Zoom Photo: Facebook Shaarei Shomayim

On April 26, 2020 the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported:

The Shaarei Shomayim synagogue in Toronto have been holding daily services via the video conference app Zoom since the COVID-19 outbreak. Rabbi Chaim Strauchler said their prayer services have been held without incident, but that all changed last Sunday night [April 19, 2020]… Strauchler told CBC News “It was specifically at that moment of the service that five or six additional accounts came on … They all began one after another to scream out slurs … really intense, hurtful things.” Strauchler said as the attackers screamed, they used their screens to show pornography. “[They were screaming] a lot of things relating to the Holocaust, things like ‘gas chambers’ and ‘Hitler was right’ — just derogatory stuff toward the Jewish people.” “It was traumatic for everyone”… Strauchler said the incident was reported to Toronto police who are working with the owners of the Zoom app to track down the attackers. It’s being investigated as a possible hate crime, Toronto police spokesperson Meaghan Gray told CBC News.