Marty Mullen: I’ll continue to expose “Jewish Mafia gangster Bankers and Industrialists”

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Marty Mullen, aka Marty Tollington. Photo: Facebook – Marty Tollington

Marty Mullen, who also uses the aliases “Marty Tollington” and “Iron Horseman” on Facebook and Twitter, implicitly responds to B’nai Brith report about his statements “[I’m] learning to kill Jewish Zionazis the Kosher Way” and “I am not going to be satisfied until I kill an entire Zionazi Jewish family.”

On July 23, 2019 Marty Tollington posted:

10:59 PM – “Thank you to whoever it is on Facebook who reported me to the RCMP for criticizing Zionazi Israeli Terrorists committing genocide against unarmed Palestinian men, women, and children the same as English and Western Europeans did to American Indians in the North/Central/South, Australian Aborigines, New Zealand Maories, Hawaiian Islanders, East Indians, Chinese, Africans, etc. If the RCMP wants to support this genocide then the RCMP and anyone affiliated with them are my life sworn enemy and terrorists. You will get what you deserve someday and end up like Mussolini hanged by the neck for crimes against humanity and genocide. The one thing the RCMP hates is the truth but I will never stop telling the truth about the criminal actions of the Jewish Mafia gangster Bankers and Industrialists and the crimes they have committed and continue to commit along with White Nazi Racist English and Western Europeans occupying Indigenous land. Arresting me and imprisoning me will only make me stronger when I get out.”

11:16 PM – “If the White Man intended reconciliation with First Nations People they should have given Indigenous People back at least half of Canada. All the Canadian Government Zionazis do is lie and spread propaganda like Israel, America, England, and so many others. I spit on them and curse them to Hell. They are immoral and dishonorable and not deserving of being called a Police Force. They are just bullies with a title and power which doesn’t impress me and never will.”

11:44 PM – “I am waiting for the RCMP to knock on my door and threaten me with arrest again for criticizing Zionazi Israeli death squads and their scumbag MOSSAD or the US CIA and UK MI5/6 working out of their Embassies and Consulates in Canada. I know people who use humint and elint methods to track and collect video/audio evidence of these enemies of middle and lower class Canadians who have meetings with Traitors to hopefully use in court trials someday. Let them come, but I will not resist and get shot by cowards with more power than me. I am 69 years old but I still have a voice and will use it against those undeserving of respect. Tell that fake English Queen to give the Crown to a real English Woman instead of placing it on a Norman Head which is blasphemy to real English People.”