Israeli reports refute Foodbenders allegation about “murder” of Palestinian by IDF

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Sign outside Foodbenders restaurant Photo: YouTube Rebel News

Located at 1162 Bloor Street West in Toronto, Ontario Foodbenders is a “local Toronto food company offering take-out meals, catering services and wholesale supply of healthy and delicious prepared foods.”

On June 29, 2020 Rebel News reported that three days earlier two anti-Israel signs were placed outside of the restaurant:

  • Defund Israel Follow @torontobdsnetwork
  • Ahmed Erakat was murdered by Israeli soldiers [IDF] on his way to his sister’s wedding. Rest in power

A post on the Foodbenders’ Instagram account reads:

[June 26, 2020] He [David Menzies, Rebel News reporter] is gone now. Though he did not have a scheduled appointment with me [Kimberly Hawkins, owner of Foodbenders], I’m glad he was able to catch me saying Israel is a terrorist state the kills little babies for his audience. They need to hear it. #defundisrael #bds #fuckthepolice #fuckracism #kkkanada

Ahmed Erakat – Circumstances of Death

Israel’s Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) reported:

Vehicular attack – On June 24, 2020, a Palestinian drove his car to a Border Police roadblock in Abu Dis (east of Jerusalem). He veered out of his lane, drove up onto the sidewalk and tried to run over a female Border Police fighter who was securing the roadblock. He hit her, injuring her slightly. The Palestinian exited his vehicle, and Border Police fighters stationed at the site shot and mortally wounded him (Israel Police Force spokesman’s unit, June 23, 2020).

The Palestinian who carried out the attack was Ahmed Mustafa Erekat, 27, from Abu Dis (Fatah Twitter account, June 23, 2020; Facebook page of the Abu Dis municipality, June 23, 2020). Apparently the motivation for the attack was personal or familial (a common motive behind popular terrorism attacks).