Graffiti on a Jewish house north of Toronto: ‘Jews Die,’ ‘Slaughter’

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An antisemitic graffiti painted on a Jewish house in Washago, Ontario Photo: CTV (supplied)

On November 1, 2023, Orillia Matters reported:

A Washago [170 km north of Toronto] family is deeply concerned after their house was covered in antisemitic graffiti over the past several days.

Graffiti reading ‘Jews Die,’ ‘Slaughter,’ and other hateful messages were painted on their garage and the side of Ryan Merovitz’s family home, and a threatening note claiming his family will die was taped to their garbage bin.

Merovitz, a Jewish man, said his garage was spray-painted Saturday evening [October 28, 2023] while his family was out for dinner, and the note and graffiti along the side of their home was found by his wife, Angelina, earlier Tuesday.

On November 1, 2023, CTV reported:

A letter written in black marker and taped to the Merovitz’s garbage bin reads, “You and your Jewish family are going to die!”