Firas Al Najim tweets “Viva Intifada”

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Firas Al Najim

Canadian Defenders For Human Rights (CD4HR) is a pro Palestinian Canadian registered non for profit organization (NO.1067715-9). Its Co-Managers are Aliya Hasan (Aliyawa Jamal Hasan) and Firas Al Najim.

On April 23, 2021 Firas Al Najim (فراس النجم) tweeted:

Canadians stand with the civilian resistance inside occupied Jerusalem. #FreePalestine #EnoughIsEnough Picture live from today at the holy dome of the rock [Viva Intifada, Flag of Palestine]

On April 23, 2021 The Times of Israel reported:

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan normally sees increased tensions around the Old City, which houses the Temple Mount site, holy to both Jews and Muslims…

Police also said over 50 people were arrested for throwing rocks, launching fireworks, assaulting cops and other violent acts during the rioting, which carried into early Friday.

Jerusalem has seen several days of violence after a number of assaults on Jews that were filmed and later uploaded to the TikTok video-sharing app, including one of an East Jerusalem teenager slapping two ultra-Orthodox boys on the light rail.

In one incident overnight, police said a Jewish motorist was attacked in East Jerusalem and stones were thrown at his car. When he tried to flee on foot, he was caught and beaten by several people. His car was later set on fire.

Videos documenting attacks against Jews in Jerusalem