Article in Canadian newspaper equates Israel to Nazi Germany

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Nazih Khatatba, Editor in Chief of Meshwar newspaper in Mississauga, ON

Mississauga-based Meshwar newspaper published (Issue 182, May 12, 2017, p. 15) an article entitled “On the Occasion of Remembrance Day of the Palestinian Holocaust.”

Here is the text of the article written by Khalid Issa Dhiyabat, a Palestinian national who lives in Sweden (originally in Arabic):

O my enemy, good morning.

When you are drinking your coffee this morning and mourning you grandfather in Warsaw on the Holocaust Remembrance Day, can you believe that I’m also mourning him while I’m drinking my coffee far from Jaffa in a Scandinavian city in southern Sweden!

Like you I’m crying over the Holocaust as we are those who were caught in its fire and we are still being burnt every day for the sake of your Holocaust!

In a short time the mourning siren will sound in my land that was usurped by the sons of your grandfather and you will stand at the porch of my grandfather’s house and shed tears over your grandfather!

And I will stand close to my room’s window shedding tears over your burnt grandfather who burnt the heart of my grandfather who died in Jaffa’s Hanina refugee camp!

O my enemy, do you like my grandfather’s house? What do you think about the style of my grandfather who built his house in Ottoman style!

O my enemy, do you know my grandfather? You father knows him. He is the one who tore his picture from the wall of the spacious living room where you are sitting right now, and placed the picture of your grandfather, the victim of the Holocaust in Warsaw!

O my enemy, let us cry over your grandfather and my grandfather on the Holocaust Remembrance Day!

You want to mourn only your grandfather! You are a freeman. My grandfather did not burn your grandfather. O my enemy, why did you burn my grandfather?!

O my enemy, do you know Deir Yassin? You were not alive then, maybe you were born after that. Your father who ran away from the Nazi oppression in Poland knows about it. He is the one who set fire in its houses and burnt its defenceless dwellers! And a day later he cried over the Holocaust in front of cameras of the media!

O my enemy, do not become angry. I don’t want to upset you today while you are standing in commemoration of the Holocaust’s victims! and your siren is sounding in my land while you are drinking your coffee in my grandfather’s house and crying over your grandfather!

O my enemy, do you like Jaffa or Tel Aviv? Do you know that Saeed Abu Al-Afia existed before Tel Aviv established?

O my enemy, do not curse! It is not appropriate for an educated person like you to curse the gentiles as you are the victim of the Nazi racism!

O my enemy, do not check your weapon and do not call the reserve soldiers if the sage does recognize the Jewishness of the state!

O my enemy, what is the difference between the Jewishness of the state and the Aryan race during Hitler’s Nazism?

O my enemy, do not shoot at me as you are the victim and the victim does not kill!

I did not kill your grandfather in Auschwitz in order that you will burn my children in Gaza!

O my enemy, tell me what is the difference between Nazi Adolf Eichmann and Ariel Sharon?!

O my enemy, do not smear me on the Remembrance Day of the Holocaust that in its fire we are still being caught while you are eating an ice cream at “Victory” in Jaffa and setting fire to our Holocaust that has not ended already 68 years!

Note: In an email sent to CIJnews on Saturday, May 13, 2017 in response to a media inquiry, Dr. Nazih Khatatba, the Editor in Chief of Meshwar, wrote the following: “The articles which we publish in our newspaper is the opinion of the author, not Meshwar Media. We are not responsible for that.”